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🏆Golden Pony awards — 2020🏆

We have some good news to share with you! 😊 One of our implemented projects — the entertainment center «Bosche Park» in Petrozavodsk — received the most prestigious international award in the entertainment industry! 🎉🎉🎉

«The Golden Pony» for parks and attractions is like the Hollywood Oscars for the movie world. 😎 The award was founded in 2002 by the Italian publishing house Facto Edizioni. They chose a pony as the symbol, symbolizing perseverance, character and determination.
Every year the statuette is awarded to the best amusement parks, water parks and entertainment centers.🎡

And we are very pleased that this year «Golden Pony» awarded the project, which the company It’s SIMPLE implemented in full: from design project to the installation of all necessary equipment 🤩.

Congratulations to our partners on the victory! 🥳 And we will do our best so that more than one of our clients could put this prestigious statue in their park! 😎

Should be in every children's entertainment center! 🤹♀️

When asked «do kids like to play in the dry pool?», our answer is VERY much!
And no wonder! A lot of colorful balls, light, airy, in which you can roll to your heart’s content.
Parents may not be afraid that the child will pull the balloons in his mouth, because they are created only from hypoallergenic materials. The balls themselves are light enough but resilient enough to retain their shape. They are safe even if you play war with them!
Advantages of a dry pool — a lot! Almost as many as the balls in the pool!

These are fun games to let your child’s energy out!
And much more!

Games in dry pools — a child’s laughter, energy and the most sincere emotions

Best job ever!

Who has the best job in the world? With confidence: us! 🙋🙋🏻♀️

After all, we not only manufacture and install rides, but also test each and every one of them on ourselves 🤩
That’s why the end of installation work is a favorite time for all of our employees ☺️ It’s a unique opportunity to feel like a kid again! 🥰

It's Simple!

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Colorful network 🌈

This is the undoubted favorite of recent years Almost every one of our clients asks to add this attraction to the design project.

The nets are hand-woven from durable 5 mm nylon thread, the material is safe and pleasant to the touch.

The nylon material is characterized by high abrasion resistance and is odorless and has low elongation.

The size of the net is calculated on the basis of the size of your area.
Colors are available!

A very important stage!

A very important step is the control assembly of rides before they are shipped to the site

Our specialists check every detail and every fixing. Only then they carefully pack and ship to the place of the future amusement park.

IT’S SIMPLE is responsible for the quality of our products!

⭐️ ROLLER ⭐️

We want to tell you more about the children’s play equipment «Roller» with an electric motor, which enthuses all the little guests

This is an electromechanical collapsible product with a rotating seat around its axis. The game element is a soft cylinder with a hole inside. It is driven either by the player or by an electric motor.

Dimensions: 1.5m*1.2m*1m (L*W*H)

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